Promo Satay Three

08 March 2022

Promo Satay Three

Sate Kere IDR 35,000 Nett

Sate Kere is a culinary tradition of the Solo people, consisting of cow innards and tempeh.

Sate Klatak IDR 50,000 Nett

Sate klatak is satay made from goat meat. The satay is served with seasonings in the form of salt, pepper, onions and broth. Different from other satays, sate klathak is skewered using an iron with large pieces of meat.

Sate Klopo IDR 50,000 Nett

Sate klopo is a meat dish that uses coconut in the cooking process. When the satay is roasted, grated coconut is sprinkled over the skewers.

Sales Period: March 1st 2022 - April 30th 2022