Hotel NEO Palma Palangka Raya is the perfect starting point to explore Danau Tahai and the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan rescue center, as well as, oher attraction in the area such as Sungai Kahayan, Taman Wisata Kumkum, Rumah Betang, Museum Balanga and Tugu Soekarno. The hotel also enjoys direct access to the Palma Palangka Raya shopping mall for leisure down time, precisely in front of the Big Roundabout of Palangka Raya and Yos Sudarso Food Street 



Jl. Tjilik Riwut Km. 1 No. 1, Bundaran Besar



Bukit Tangkiling

Bukit Tangkiling

Tangkiling hill located in the Banturung village of Bukit Batu district Palangka Raya Central Kalimantan, is an attractive tourist destination to visit. This attraction is about 35 km from the center of Palangka Raya, with a travel time approximately 45 minutes from Hotel NEO Palma using the vehicle to reached the top of the hill and then followed by the trail.

Dermaga Kereng Bangkirai

Kereng Bangkirai pier is a paddle arena transformed into tourist attractions on the outskirts of sungai Sebangau. In the afternoon Kereng Bangkirai is always crounded by people who want to relax, bathing in the black water to enjoy the sunset. Travel about 50 minutes from Hotel NEO Palma Palangka Raya.

Jembatan Kahayan

Jembatan Kahayan

Kahayan Bridge is the landmark of Palangka Raya city, Central Kalimantan. Kahayan Bridge crosses the Kahayan river connecting Palangka Raya with the surrounding districts on the other side of the river. This bridge can be reached easily. It’s located about 1 km from Hotel NEO Palma Palangka Raya. You can just walk from hotel and enjoying Palangka Raya view.

Taman Wisata Kum Kum

Kumkum park is one of the attractions in Palangka Raya visited everyday and one of the tourism highlights of Palangka Raya. Located near the Kahayan Bridge it takes 10 minutes from Hotel NEO Palma. Most people see Kumkum as the mini zoo since there are several animals living. There are huts surrounded by rubber trees which people can rent and enjoy the water of Kahayan River flow while having a meal.

Pusat Reintoduksi Orang Utan Nyaru Menteng

Pusat Reintoduksi Orang Utan Nyaru Menteng

The center is based just outside the city of Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan and since beginnings has grown into the largest Orangutan conservation facility in the world.  Travel time approximately 40 minutes from Hotel NEO Palma.

Wisata Kapal Susur Sungai

The Susur Sungai boat is one of the most interesting attractions in Palangka Raya Central Kalimantan. The boats remodelled and re-lauched in 2008 and most highly awarded as eco tourism cruise boat in Palangka Raya. Highlights are relaxing pace, comfort and delicious food cooked by on board chef. You also can see orangutan island, glimpse birds and other wildlife. It can be reached  within 30 minutes from Hotel NEO Palma

Danau Tahai

Danau Tahai

Tahai lake is a small lake located in Tahai village, Bukit Batu district located about 29 km from Palangka Raya city, takes only 30 minutes either by using motorbike or car. Tahai lake has special unique thing that cannot found in other lakes especially in Kalimantan. The red water caused by tree roots in peat. Around the lake, visitors can also see a unique side such as floating houses that the locals referred to as lanting home.