Ideal location, Less than 5 minutes to Eltari Internatonal Airport, next to Nusa Cendana University and Arta Wacana Christian University 
5.0 km to Batu Nona Beach, 5.8 km to Lasiana Beach, 5.7 km to Nostalgia Park and Regional Museum of NTT

+62 380 8800 333

Jl. Piet A Tallo Rt/Rw. 035/012 Oesapa, Kelapa Lima, Kupang, 85228, Indonesia



Jl. Piet A. Tallo, Oesapa, Kelapa Lima, Kupang 85228, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Pasir Panjang Beach

Pasir Panjang Beach

This sandy long beach is located in near city center and only take 10 minutes drive away from hotel. There’s no entrance fee if you want to go to the beach. White sand that extends along the coast combined with the blue sea and the green coral reefs make this beach so beautiful and unique. That is why this beach called Pasir Panjang beach.

Oesapa Mangrove Forest

This is the place where you can enjoy the fresh air of the beach, walking around and sight-seeing through the Mangrove Forest on-shore, listeningto the swishing spalsh on the white sand. This Mangrove Forest Area are extend for hundreds of acres along the west coast of Oesapa i Kupang Bay. The existence of this ecotourism is so interesting for people in Kupang City and its region. It only take 5 minutes drive from hotel.

Nostalgia Park

Nostalgia Park

A city-center Garden where most of people in Kupang gathers around in the afternoon doing their activities such as jogging, moderate exercise, or just walking around the park. There are so much local street vendors selling various type of local foods such as meatball ( Local people called it ‘Salome” ), fried rice, gado-gado, etc . This park is only 10 minutes drive away from hotel.

Baumata Swimming Pool

This swimming pool is located in village area called Baumata which is 20 minutes drive away from hotel. As an Eco-tourism object, the forest version in this area consists of various flora such as, Tamarind tree, kesambi tree, teak tree, johar tree, bamboos and Banyan tree, also various fauna such as, Long-tailed monkeys, Timorese Lizards, Small yellow-crested White Cockatoo, Hawks, Timorese Sanca Snakes, Parakeets, Yellow-chest Lorikeets and Srigunting birds.

Lasiana Beach

Lasiana Beach

One of the well-known beach in Kupang which is located in Lasiana village. Many poeple from outside Kupang wanted to know and visit Lasiana Beach. This beach is only 10 minutes drive away from hotel