Hotel NEO Cirebon is ideally situated just two minutes from The Cirebon Rail Station and 7 minutes to the city center. This centrally located hotel also offers easy access to all the must-see local attractions, Keraton Kasepuhan, Keraton Kanoman, Sanctuary of Sunan Gunung Djati, Sunyaragi Cave, Cirebon Super Block (CSB Mall), Batik Village “Trusmi”, Souvenir Shop, Empal Gentong Krucuk

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Cirebon Train Station

Cirebon Train Station

Also known as Cirebon Kejaksan Station. Is the main station in the Cirebon Area. Only 3 minutes drive from Hotel Neo Cirebon. Located on Jalan Siliwangi. As a transfer station, Cirebon Station is one-side station where the emplacement is located one side linearly with station building

Cirebon Super Block Mall (CSB Mall)

Located 10 minutes drive from Hotel Neo Cirebon. CSB Mall is the large and most complete mall in Cirebon.

Sanctuary of Sunan Gunung Jati

Sanctuary of Sunan Gunung Jati

Sunan Gunung Jati was one of Wali Songo. He founded the Sultanate of Cirebon. Located of the sanctuary Sunan Gunung Jati only 10 minutes drive from Hotel Neo Cirebon. Easy access to reach this place.

Sunyaragi Cave

Sunyaragi Cave is one of the objects of cultural heritage in the city of Cirebon. Located at By Pass Cirebon, only 10 minutes drive from Hotel Neo Cirebon. Sunyaragi Cave can also be called water parks Sunyaragi cave because the cave complex in antiquity The Lake is surrounded by Lake Teak besides numerous cave such as an ornamental artificial waterfall.

Cirebon Port

Cirebon Port

The port of Cirebon is multipurpose seaport in the city of Cirebon on the north coast of the Indonesian island of Java. Located 3 minutes drive from Hotel Neo Cirebon. 

Keraton Kasepuhan

Keraton Kasepuhan is the oldes kraton in the Indonesian city of Cirebon. Located only 10 minutes drive from Hotel Neo Cirebon. It was built in 1447 and its architecture and interior are a blend of Sundanese, Javanese, Chinese and Ducth styles. And become the most favourite place in Cirebon..

Batik Trusmi

Batik Trusmi

Known as Batik Village sell souvenirs like bags, shirts, mugs, key chains, etc. Batik Trusmi is souvenir store known as the factory of words and it takes 15 minutes drive from Hotel Neo Cirebon.