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Taman Budaya

Taman Budaya

Taman Budaya is a tourist destination that is fun for the family and can be an educational attraction for students. Here also there outbound games, camp or meetings with a cozy atmosphere. In the area Culture Center, children can take part in painting, batik, and making ceramics. While in the Adventure Center area, you can try the high ropes outbound, fun games, paintball, and trekking.

Bellanova Country Mall

Bellanova Country Mall is a shopping center located in Sentul City, Bogor, West Java. As well as shopping centers, Bellanova Country Mall also offers a shopping experience that is comfortable and equipped with various types of entertainment such as cinemas.

Eco Art Park

Eco Art Park

Eco Art Park is the interesting sights that also located in Sentul City Bogor. This park is an integrated attraction that was built with the concept of a blend of nature, culture, education such as Science Garden, Sculpture Park & Bamboo garden.

Ah Poong Market

Ah Poong Market, located in front of Tazkia Masjid Islamic Center, in addition to the Sentul Eco Park. To get into the Ahpoong Market, visitors had to pass through the bridge. Because the Floating Market is located at the edge of a large river with the concept of open water and no air conditioning. And also their canoes in the river that can be ride for a tour.

Jungleland Adventure

Jungleland Adventure

Located in Sentul Nirwana, Sentul City - Bogor, Jungleland Adventure is still the largest Theme Park in Indonesia

Pemandian Air Panas Gunung Pancar

This Bogor hot spring pools are sourced from Mount Pancar. Located in Babakan Madang, is about 45 minutes from the Sentul Circuit. The hot spring is located in Bogor protected forest of pine Mount Pancar.