Located near an industrial area, Hotel Neo Waru - Sidoarjo is a hotel in a good neighborhood, 15 minutes drive from Juanda International Airport, 5 minutes from Purabaya Terminal and minutes away from Waru Train Station.



Jalan S Parman 52 - 54 Kec. Waru, Kab. Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur




Suroboyo Carnival Park

Suroboyo Carnival Park

Suroboyo Carnival Park is a family amusement park that is open at night in the city of Surabaya. As a tourist spot, Suroboyo Carnival Park has exciting rides. More than 50 types of game rides are provided, like Ferris Wheel (Gondola), Bledek Coaster, Blueshake, 4 Dimension Cinema, KBS Lanterns and so on. Not only rides but your eyes will be spoiled with millions of lights in the area around Suroboyo carnival Park. Suroboyo Carnival Park is a new icon in the city of Surabaya.


Jayandaru Monument

Jayandaru Monument, is a sculpture by artist Wayan Winten. The monument in the shape of nine 25-meter-tall human statues was built to illustrate the activities of the Sidoarjo people who are the majority of farmers and fisherman.


Delta Fishing

Delta Fishing

Delta Fishing is one of the famous fishing arenas in Sidoarjo. besides fishing, there are also outbound areas such as flying fox, cycling, swimming pools and restaurants. After fishing, you can eat your fish cooked by chef


Mpu Tantular Museum

The name  Mpu Tantular Museum was taken from the name of a famous poet during Prabu Hayam Wuruk's reign. The Museum of Mpu Tantular is famous for its collection of antique and interesting objects, such as collections of high bikes, wooden bikes, garuda ornaments and many more interesting collections. In addition, the entrance ticket is also very cheap, making this place more visited by Sidoarjo city people and outside the city.


Al - Akbar Mosque

Al - Akbar Mosque

Al-Akbar Mosque also known as Great Mosque of Surabaya, is a national mosque located inSurabaya, East Java. It is the second largest mosque in Indonesia after Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta in terms of maximum capacity. The location of the mosque is beside the Surabaya-Porong Highway Road. Its most distinctive feature is its large vertical dome, accompanied by four small blue domes. It also has a minaret with height of 99 meters, an ode to the 99 Names of Allah.

Jala Siddhi Amerta Temple

One of destination by tourists is historical and religious tourism, that was found at Jala Siddhi Amertha Temple. Location of Jala Siddhi Amertha Temple about 2 kilometers from Juanda International Airport, Sidoarjo, looks very big and beautiful. Like most temples, Jala Siddhi Amertha Temple also has unique ornaments around it, that’s why this temple is often hired to hold events, parties or wedding receptions.


Pusat Batik Sidoarjo

Pusat Batik Sidoarjo

Sidoarjo City is also famous for the beauty of its tourist attractions, one example is the Batik Jetis Village Tourism in Sidoarjo. Besides being able to shop for batik, at this location you can also see firsthand the activities of painting batik on cloth. So that it can be concluded that the location of this area is a location for shopping as well as cultural tourism.

The City of Tomorrow (CITO)

The City of Tomorrow (CITO) is one of the shopping centers in Surabaya, East Java. This shopping center is located at the entrance of the city and is adjacent to Juanda airport.

IKM Tanggulangin

IKM Tanggulangin

IKM Tanggulangin or also called Tanggulangin Leather Craft Center, is a paradise for tourists who want to get various types of leather crafts such as bags, shoes, luggage, wallets and more. The Tanggulangin area is a shopping tourism destination set by the Ministry of Tourism of East Java Province.

Pari Temple

Pari Temple is located about 2 km northwest of the Lapindo Mud Center. This temple is located in Candi Pari Village, Porong sub-district, Sidoarjo. This temple is a relic of the Majapahit era during the reign of King Hayam Wuruk (1350-1389 AD)