Hotel Neo Gajah Mada Pontianak Celebrates World Environment Day with CSR Activities in Desa Sungai Kupah
Hotel NEO Gajah Mada - Pontianak05 Jun 2024
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In celebration of World Environment Day, Hotel Neo Gajah Mada Pontianak organized a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event in Sungai Kupah Village. The event was attended by the local women's group (PKK) of Sungai Kupah Village and staff of Hotel Neo Gajah Mada Pontianak.

This CSR activity aims to support environmental conservation and improve the welfare of the local community. Activities included planting matoa tree saplings, chili seedlings, and various vegetable seedlings. Additionally, Hotel Neo Gajah Mada provided gardening equipment to the villagers to support their agricultural activities.

Mr. Exsan, Hotel Manager of Neo Gajah Mada, stated in his speech, "We are very pleased to participate in the celebration of World Environment Day. Through activities such as planting trees and vegetables, we hope to make a positive contribution to the environment and the community in Sungai Kupah Village."

The event was promoted by Endang Sri Ravina, HRM of Hotel Neo Gajah Mada, who also participated in the event. "The spirit of cooperation and concern for the environment are values we uphold at Hotel Neo Gajah Mada Pontianak. We hope this activity can provide a positive and sustainable impact for Sungai Kupah Village," said Mrs. Endang Sri Ravina.

The event coordinator, Mr. Adi, expressed his appreciation for the enthusiasm of the PKK members of Sungai Kupah Village and the support from the hotel management. "The collaboration between Hotel Neo Gajah Mada and the residents of Sungai Kupah Village is extraordinary. We hope this activity can be the beginning of better cooperation in the future," said Mr. Adi.